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Our personalised skills courses are a great way to gain confidence and knowledge to get more from your activities.



Rock climbing is an incredible way to challenge yourself and enjoy the great outdoors at the same time. North Wales is world famous for it's rock climbing variety and our rock climbing courses we will ensure that you get vast amounts of climbing in stunning locations.

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Within our mountain courses we offer map, compass and GPS courses, scrambling and mountain craft. All the courses are practical based with the aim of upskilling to make you more independent and confident in the mountain environment.

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Winter mountaineering offers one of the greatest challenges in the UK mountains and is one of my favorite of all activities. Venturing onto the high summits in full winter conditions requires fitness, stamina, determination and essential skills to stay safe. The reward of standing on the summit as the sun is setting over a sea of white mountain tops makes winter mountaineering well worth the effort.

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