Climbing Wall Development Instructor

Mountain Leader

With the growth of indoor climbing came a need for Climbing Wall Instructors and Rock Climbing Instructors to progress and develop their skills so they could teach indoor lead climbing. In 2009 Mountain Training created the Climbing Wall Development Instructor (previously the Climbing Wall Leading Award).

This qualification trains and assesses candidates in the skills required to teach lead climbing skills on indoor or outdoor artificial climbing walls and structures with fixed protection. It builds on the skills gained through either the Climbing Wall Instructor or Rock Climbing Instructor qualifications, one of which must be held in order to access the scheme.

Climbing Wall Development Instructor TRAINING COURSE

The training course is a fantastic 1-day event and involves lots of climbing alongside likeminded people. We'll be looking at managing clients, lead climbing skills, holding and taking falls and movement coaching.

Requirements to attend:
  • Registered with Mountain Training for the Climbing Wall Development Instructor.
  • 50 led routes and belayed a lead climber 50 times.
  • Climbed at 3 big walls.
  • 25 lead routes at grade f6a.
  • 20 supervising sessions post CWI or RCI.

  • Climbing Wall Instructor ASSESSMENT COURSE

    Once you have completed your training course and gained the required experience you can attend the 1-day assessment course. The assessment is practical based and will have mock students for you to teach. There will also be a home research paper to complete.

    Requirements to attend:
    • Attended training.
    • 100 led routes (50 of which at grade f6a).
    • Climbed at 3 big walls.
    • 5 teaching leading sessions (assisted or observed).
    • Hold a valid first aid certificate.

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