Rock Climbing Troubleshooting

Rock Climbing

This advanced course is for established rock climbers who are looking to enhance their skills and learn how to avoid potential problems and how to get out of them should they occur.

  • Days1 - 2 days
  • LocationLlanberis, North Wales.
  • Cost: 1 person £220 per day.
  • Cost: 2 - 3 people £250 per day.
  • Cost: 4 people + £65 per person, per day.

Escaping from sea-cliffs, retreating from big multi pitch climbs, self rescue, using double ropes and dealing with accidents on remote crags and cliffs will be covered during the course. Course length 1 - 2 days.

Course summary

  • Reviewing belay systems.
  • Lowering and abseiling past a knot.
  • Hoist systems.
  • Prussic skills for rope climbing.
  • Retreating off multi pitch climbs.
  • Escaping from sea cliffs.

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