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The Lowland Leader qualification is a fantastic entry level qualification. Bryn was involved in the development of the qualification in my previous role working for Mountain Training. Since then Bryn has run many courses all around England & Wales and enjoy exploring the countryside on each course.

The Lowland Leader qualification has been designed for people who wish to lead groups on day walks in lowland countryside and woodland. An ideal choice for people involved with the delivery of the DofE (Bronze and Silver) scheme and walking groups.

To gain the qualification you need to first register with Mountain Training (see below) then attend the 2-day training. Following the training there is a period of consolidation where you practice the skills learned on the course before then booking into the 2-day assessment course. 

To attend the 2-day training course you'll need to create an account on the Mountain Training's database system 'Tahdah' and pay them the one-off £50 registration fee. This system will also give you aceess to the digital logbook (DLOG) where you'll be able to start populating your experience into.


The training course is a fantastic 2 days (16 hour), which is mostly spent out in the countryside learning in the elements alongside likeminded people. We try to mix the terrain we travel through from countryside to woodlands which helps diversify the learning opportunity.

Requirements to attend:
  • Registered with Mountain Training for the Lowland Leader.
  • 10 Quality Walks.

  • Locations

    - Llanberis, North Wales (venues used throughout Snowdonia).
    - UK wide for Private Courses - please get in touch to discuss options.

    Lowland Leader ASSESSMENT COURSE

    Once you have completed your training course and gained the required experience you can attend the 2-day (16 hour) assessment course. The assessment is practical based with two days of good walks and a home research paper to complete.

    Requirements to attend:
    • Attended training.
    • 20 Quality Walks.
    • Hold a valid first aid certificate.

    - Llanberis, North Wales (venues used throughout Snowdonia and Anglesey).
    - UK wide for Private Courses - please get in touch to discuss options.

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