Bryn Williams mentoring program is designed to support you through the consolidation period between the official training course and the assessment of your Mountain Training qualification.

  • LocationLlanberis, North Wales.
  • CostDay rate of £200 per day.

Bryn's area of expertise includes all of the following Mountain Training qualifications and he is also an approved Mentor for the Association of Mountaineering Instructors

  • Lowland Leader
  • Hill and Moorland Leader
  • Mountain Leader
  • Winter Mountain Leader
  • International Mountain Leader
  • Climbing Wall Instructor
  • Climbing Wall Development Instructor
  • Rock Climbing Instructor
  • Rock Climbing Development Instructor
  • Mountaineering Instructor Award

Support can come in a number of ways from advice and guidance through to additional specific training needs and assessment preparation. Usually the mentoring process is done over a longer time-line which gives you the opportunity to gain valuable experience between sessions which allows greater structure to the process. Over the years Bryn has worked closely with a huge number of people who are working through the various qualifications. Our approach keeps things simple and structured and helps you focus around building your own individual experience and through the process we'll see your skill and confidence grow. To get started, drop Bryn a message outlining where you are at and where you would like to be plus any other specific details or areas that you wish to work on. We'll then arrange a one day meet up to review your progress and to gauge your skill / knowledge level before developing forward plan.

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